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 Invitation to travel - 2017 press kit


Pack your suitcases and let yourself be taken away!

In 2017, we invite you to travel.


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 9 UNESCO sites in Burgundy-Franche-Comté in 2016


A region that is often travelled through, Burgundy-Franche-Comté is an area that has been strongly marked by its history, evidence of which lies in its 9 great cultural sites that have been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. This club has just become larger too, with the listing of the chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp!


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a wave of new accommodation with charm for 2016

Burgundy’s accommodation providers have contributed greatly to the reputation of this exceptional destination, and they continue to flourish and become ever more original. There is no shortage of new developments in 2016. Here is a selection:


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Along the waterways of Burgundy-Franche-Comté

To the south of Paris, head for the Yonne, whose waters have always generously fed the River Seine. Further east you will come across the River Doubs as it runs along its own fantastic, tortuous and wild course. Then you have the Saône, peaceful and majestic, which crosses the region from north to south. Here and there, criss-crossing these streams and rivers, canals also irrigate the landscape: the Canal de l’Est, the Rhône-Rhine Canal, the Canal du Centre, the Canal du Nivernais and even the Loire Lateral Canal; but also the Canal de Bourgogne and the Marne-Saône Canal. This is a dense network of waterways that opens up an incredibly diverse range of landscapes and diff erent environments. A boat trip provides the perfect opportunity to explore all of these countless natural, cultural and heritage gems.


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Travel journal: Burgundy press kit 2016


It’s an idea that just came to us one day.
At Bourgogne Tourisme we were exploring how to create a sort
of intimate ‘dear diary,’ a guide written by a woman who travels
all across Burgundy following the advice of Véronique, in charge
of media relations. So let’s hit the road and learn about the Burgundy she discovered...


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Burgundy Glam'chic - Press kit 2016


Authentic and gourmet, Burgundy can also be trendy and glamourous… Behind its provincial airs, it hides charms that show that it moves with the times. No “bling-bling” here, just what is beautiful and real! You can sip a cocktail in the trendiest – and most design – hotel in Dijon. Your eyes will widen with delight at the sight of the Hospices de Beaune as you stroll through this cosy and terribly modern town. And you mustn’t forget the Made in Bourgogne success stories...


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Burgundy a question of design - Press kit 2016

With its new « Designed by Bourgogne » brand, which was created by the four Tourism Development Agencies (Côte-d’Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne) and the Burgundy Regional Tourism Board, Burgundy can show off its style. In this exceptional area, an ambiance of « couture » reigns supreme. Stylish and aesthetic, Burgundy plays with forms and colours that lie at the heart of its delicate landscapes. Ever generous, gathered around a dining table, the region provides moments of conviviality and genuine warmth.


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In Burgundy, water flows from the source - Press kit 2016

For those who want to treat themselves to an enchanting break in the heart of Burgundy, where pretty little villages set the scene, heading for the canals and rivers is an excellent idea! Three packages are available to help you discover Burgundy by the water’s edge, rediscovering serenity and enjoying the authenticity of the terroir with stop-offs at vineyards, bucolic spots, markets, great restaurants and local eateries. You’re ready set sail!


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Travel journal: Burgundy press kit 2015

I really didn't know much of anything about Burgundy. Not much more than a few cliches: mustard, wine and some cities like Dijon, Auxerre and Beaune. Really nothing all that concrete, you know? So when Paul suggested that we take a little spin there, I didn't need convincing. So much that Coralie, Véronique and Christine are still helping me plan the trip...


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Burgundy press kit 2014

16 thematic sheets for a trendy, quirky and lifestyle Burgundy!


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Rendez-vous in Burgundy

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